Monday, August 31, 2009

Tanzania's Air force might on display

On the first of September it is the 45th anniversary since the Tanzanian Air force was formed.
To celebrate this the Air force is going to be unveiling their new fresh out of the crate MiG 21's or to be correct their new Chinese copies the F-7. I have spoken of the old MiG 17's in my April 24 post.
Over the last week these seriously old MiG's have been practicing their beat-ups (low passes) at Dar es Salaam airport they are quite specy (impressive) to watch. Along with this anniversary the air force has been having open after my flights on Friday I wandered over to have a look. I took my camera over in my pocket also but was hastily informed by uniformed soldiers that I was not to take any pictures of aircraft. This meant I had to now be a little more discreet with my snapshots...hence the lack of them.
I was quite impressed with their medivac helicopters with winch and various medical equipment. There may actually be a chance for a wounded defence force soldier with these helicopters around.I even managed to get up into the cockpits of the transport Anotonov's. I took a look inside the cockpits of our favourite Chinese rip off MiG 17's and was shocked at the state of them everything looked broken...these MiG pilots must be crazy.
This is a distant photograph of the hanger housing the new Chinese copies of the MiG 21's and the containers seen contain the rest of the fleet of new fighters soon to be in Tanzania's arsenal.

A random shot of the University in Dodoma (Tanzania's political capital)
Queing up behind these three Precision air ATR 72's in Dar es Salaam. When there is a VIP departure the entire airport comes to a halt creating chaos for other arriving and departing aircraft.
I hope the Tanzanian Government is not going to hunt me down because of a few pictures I posted of their state art Air force...
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  1. Haha, but I don't need to go too far, the Hungarian AF has some MiG29's and 17 Gripen's. Only 2 MiG's and one Gripen is airworthy. But the Gripen1s cannot do anything except intercept you, as they're not equiped with weapons yet! Mighty HuAF, but we could invade Tanzania maybe...

  2. As long as the 'mighty' HuAf doesn't destroy any Caravans and put me out of the job

  3. We'll put you Air Marshall of the Hungarian Expeditionary HuAF

  4. Hallo from Germany

    Im very interested to became more infos about this report published on your blog.

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    Regards Peter

  5. A few of the Tanzanian air wing's transport remain serviceable. However, its Shenyang F-5s, and Chengdu F-7s are reported to rarely fly because of airworthiness problems.
    Dar es Salaam Airport


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